Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saved by the Soup...

Okay I am blogging today because it has been a HARD day mentally for me!! ... I got up this morning with good intentions, wanted to get my workout done and out of the way early.. that didn't happen.. so I made myself a low fat vanilla cappacino and had 2 slices of whole wheat toast with spray butter and a dash of ranch seasoning... mmm it was divine.. started straightening up the house, and playing with the little one.. and I couldn't help but think that I needed something else to eat.. so I had some of the vegetable soup I had made yesterday I had made extra so that I could have a healthy meal on hand to help sabbotage myself.  I enjoyed a big bowl of it and it filled my stomache for the moment.. and then little Mitchie said he wanted to go get a drink and a treat a ritual that used to be a common thing for us to do while the older kids were at school.. I wanted to so bad... and then I started to feel frustration, anger, and deprivation as I thought, this is not fair, why can't I eat like everybody else..  the first week was realatively easy, but hey when you start something and have the excitement, that "spark" to keep it in check, it doesn't seem so bad but after that excitement wears off a bit and you realize this isn't just a short term thing this is forever.. its a bit overwhelming and you begin to question if it's worth it.. (sounds kinda like marriage lol)  why does this have to be soooo hard!

I have made it through nearly the whole day without sabbatoging myself.. I have eaten healthy and I did get a 65 min. workout in this afternoon .. but the feelings of frustration, is still there.. I talked to my dear friend Shannon and she had some good advice.. I think that having someone to go through this with you is SOOO helpful! .. Baby steps... this is going to be a long journey to retrain my thought process.. I am not depriving myself .. I am simply choosing to be better.. I can't just shut out those cravings and habits in one week.. I have to be strong and sometimes that just really sucks! .. But I have to think about the bigger picture! .. in a year from now, I am going to feel soo great!

I also think it was key to my success today by having something healthy on hand.. something that tasted good to me, I also invented a treat this afternoon that was sweet and satisfied my sweet tooth..
I took a spice cake mix and added unsweetened applesauce to the mix and baked it like a cake.. so mentally I could feel like I had a treat! ..

Sooo very thankful that I have so many awesome people behind me! .. I know there is no way that I could do this on my own..


  1. Mandy you CAN do this! ONe saying that I always keep in mind is "It did not take you overnight to get here and the same goes for losing the weight." This time around for some reason I have a different mindset. I will be in tomorrows post. Some suggestions if you are feeling hungry check your fitness pal and see where you are. You are exercising a lot and you need to fuel your body to keep up with it. It is easy to think don't eat or eat less when in fact it is a balance of healthy food going into your body and exercise. I know easier said that done but it is true. You will succeed I know it! Hang in there and just be kind to yourself when you have these days. XO

  2. "this is not fair, why can't I eat like everybody else.." What exactly does that mean? Everybody else doesn't eat 24/7 anything they want. (Well, there are some who do, otherwise we wouldn't have such an obesity problem in this country!) But I think this is a common misperception many of us have. Those skinny women you see around you? They probably aren't eating every high-fat, tempting snack you crave when you feel deprived. Or if they are, they are probably rushing to the bathroom afterward to stick their finger down their throat to purge it. ;-)

    The people who have succeeded with major weight loss long term usually will tell you that it took a lot of VERY hard work and a lot of rough days. But it took determination and perseverance and the attitude that their health was important. And NOTHING was more important than losing weight or being healthy. You can rationalize just about ANYTHING to yourself all day long and end up stuck in a rut, then getting discouraged, feeling like a failure, then throwing your hands up and asking "Why bother?" Make a plan. Figure out what healthy snacks you love and have them on hand at all times. Put them in small snack bags so you have a measured portion and don't go crazy! Nuts are a healthy snack because they have so much protein. But 1/4 cup is a serving. So have a few of the snack bags with just 1/4 portion in it so you don't eat a whole can in one sitting. It's really amazing how filling just 1/4c of nuts can be.

    The point where I had the best results was when I started doing the Flat Belly Diet from Prevention. The first 28 days, they have you journal how hungry you are before you eat, what you are feeling and how you feel afterward. They tell you to sit down at the table, using a nice setting, turn off the TV, focus on the food, take your time eating it and savor it, don't just inhale it in two minutes. We've become a meal-on-the-go society and many of us rarely sit down and savor a meal. It was an eye-opener for me!

    And the most inspiring blogger I've read is Diane at http://www.fittothefinish.com/blog/ She lost 150lbs, even having several kids throughout and has kept it off for years. She's amazing!

    Anyway, hang in there, I KNOW you can do this. :-) Keep making healthy choices!

    1. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Sooo inspiring!!