Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frustration is setting in... I have to overcome!

Tonight I can feel the frustration building ... the anger and rage and disappointment are building pressure so forcefully that I almost feel as though I am going to litereally explode..

I know that I have been trying hard to be healthy and to exercise... and I have come a long way from where I was.. And it's only been a month .. BUT I have really not noticed a difference in my body!!
Everyone around me that is dieting and exercising, have had really good numbers as far as losing weight.. even my own sweet sister whom I love so much has lost 13 pounds and I am SOOOO happy for her and everyone around me.. But I am frustrated as hell that I am not noticing any difference in the way my body looks and feels...
Have I been exercising... YES... have I been eating better... YES... BUT here is the key... have I given it an absolute 100%??? .... I would have to honestly say no.. I have done the best I could for the circumstances given and I know this is not a quick fix.. I know it's going to take me a long time.. But I hope that I can notice a difference soon so that it will keep me motivated to keep going strong..
It's been a MONTH... a whole month has gone by..  FAST!! ... AND before you know it another month will be gone... and where will I be??? Well that is going to be all up to ME!
Sooo I have a new game plan... this month I am going to give 110% ... I am going to go above and beyond my own expectations I am going to push myself.. take out my frustration with exercise..
I am going to fight for this as hard as I can... If I put the work in the results have to come sooner or later.. in my case it's obviously going to be later... I Just HAVE to stay positive... I have no choice!! .. Thank goodness I Have such an amazing support group this time around!! .. I just have to get past this... I will overcome!



  1. Mandy there is a sign at the gym and I can't remember the exact quote but basically it takes 12 weeks for others to notice your progress. It is a slower process than we may want but put it into perspective with thinking about how quickly 6 months goes by or a year. Sticking with it is what will get you where you want to be. If you think about it actually sticking it out for 6 months 8 months or a year is probably the only thing you have not tried. What will be if this time you do it? Thats what I keep telling myself. What if this is that last time?
    Something that I am doing this time that I did not do before is really step outside of where I am comfortable. If you are to comfortable then it is way to easy to fall back into old habits. Set yourself very clear limits of have and have not. As much as I know you hate it the scale is a great tool to use. It is as real as it gets and can guide you in possible changes you might need to make. I have a love hate relationship with it. But I know deep down it is important. 2 pounds a week is healthy and average 1 pound a week is great progress as well. Just keep on moving ahead doing what you are. it will be worth it and think about where your effort today will put you in July :) tank top and shorts my friend! XO keep inspiring and never give up for YOU!

  2. Hang in there girl! I lose SLOW. It is just a fact. I have worked out hard and counted every bite and only lost a single pound some months. And for the longest time I really let that affect me. BUT...then I realized that improvement can be seen in so many other places. I keep scaled based goals,but I also make fitness based goals. Then when the scale won't move, but I have added 5 minutes to my total long run or shaved off a few seconds from my 5k time I know I am making progress. Just keep on moving forward!

  3. Mandy you inspire me to be and do better each day. Hang in there and the results will come(I know your tired of hearing that huh!?) Think of the great example you are being to your kids and family. As long as you feel better you know the changes will come. Maybe from the inside out. Love ya!

  4. Mandy, I'm a very slow loser, too. It's especially frustrating to me now because when I was losing weight a few years ago, I worked hard, but it seems like it was coming off so much easier and faster. Then when I hit 40 I had a much, much harder time getting any weight to come off. But the thing is you just have to keep at it. Look for those "non-scale victories" whenever you can. For me, it was a matter of actually seeing my cheekbones, and just feeling healthier. I used to beat myself up about not seeing the number on the scale, but that will follow. When I go shopping and get frustrated that things don't fit, I go and find the largest size I used to wear and try on a pair of jeans, and then I remember how much progress I've made. Sometimes we just don't see it in ourselves. But it's there. You're changing, and you're going to succeed. Keep at it, sweetie. It'll happen.

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