Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not as fast as I want it to be.. but I won't give up on me!

One thing I have struggled with each time I have embarked upon this journey is how hard I have to work to see results. I know in my mind that I am doing things the right way and that it will take time, and that I am in a better spot today than I was yesterday. But at the same time because I have changed my life drastically and have stuck to it why is my body not responding as quickly in a positive way eating healthy the way it responds so quickly in a negative way when I chose to eat unhealthy. It seems like you have to work twice as hard to be skinny and healthy as you do to just not care.

I won't lie the thought to just give up has crossed my mind a time or too.. quickly, and at this time I have been able to overcome those thoughts and just keep going.. It took a lot of time not caring to get me where I am today, having patience is a virtue, and I need to have patience with myself, I need to have faith knowing that the things that I am doing will get me to where I want to be.  One day at a time.. one minute at a time.. one decision at a time.

I won't give up on me.

One thing that has been inspiring to me is watching the biggest loser and looking them up online and seeing some of the before and after pictures.. they are amazing.. and it builds the faith in me.. if they can do it so can I !


  1. Never give up! Mandy you are doing amazing just look at what you have accomplished in a few weeks COOLNESS! Love spirit and outlook XO

  2. You can do it and you deserve it! Not caring can do a lot of harm to your body that has long lasting negative effects.